Female Speed Club

Any female trainee that runs over 17 mph gets inducted into the Speed Club. The “Select” group includes those that have run 19 mph or faster.

Way to Go Girls!!!!!

Female Select
21.5 MPH21.5 MPH
Megan P. 3/11
21 MPHDanielle H
20.5 MPHChelsea C.Janelle R
20 MPHAllison L.
Amy F.
Sarah C.
Celia S.
Megan T
Jamie R.
Natalie B.
Sarah H
Mallory K
Emily S
19.5 MPHCaitlin H.
Amy S.
Becca G.
Kim W.
Leah B.
Christy C.
Robin S.
19 MPHCathy S.
Jennie G.
Katie R.
Emily S.
Erica G.
Emily B.
Sara G.
Sara U.
Terri N.
18 MPH
17 MPH