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Basketball Training Program at XLR8 Sports Training

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XLR8 Sports Training, LLC is offering pre-season training for the upcoming basketball seasons. The XLR8 Sports Training Basketball training program consists of various types of training to enhance the level of each athlete’s ability and is customized based on age, ability, and specific needs. Based on each athlete’s needs and goals, training may emphasize sprint speed, lateral movement, vertical jump, conditioning, and strength training in order to improve each athlete’s athleticism. More information may be obtained by...

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XLR8 Athlete Featured on ESPN

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Bilateral amputee, Josh Wege on ESPN Top 10 plays Contact Us!

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Football Combine Training

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Football Combine Training XLR8 Sports Training, LLC is offering speed and agility training for athletes looking to improve their athleticism.  Athletes that have combines coming up will work on sprint speed, starts, vertical jump training, bench press and others tests based on specific combine requirements.  Football speed and agility training is available year round based on athlete schedules.  Training includes agility, quickness, sprint speed/mechanics, and strength training.  Training programs are tailored to the individual’s age,...

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Get Ready for Baseball

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Former MLB players Matt Erickson, Dave Gassner, Tim Harikkala and other coaches will be offering baseball training this fall and winter at XLR8 Sports Training, LLC. Individual and buddy lessons are available for hitting, fielding, and pitching. Sport specific baseball lessons are a great complement to the agility, spring speed/mechanics, quickness, conditioning, and strength training offered at XLR8 Sports Training to enhance each athlete’s abilities. Lessons and training programs are tailored to the individual’s age, ability,...

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